Landing Page Design

A Landing Page is basically a web page that visitors “land” on after clicking on an SEM – Text/Banner/Video, Banner, etc or through Internet surfing via organic search engine results pages. Keeping your web site in the current form, and developing a specific landing page for a promotional campaign to interact with visitors for a customized feel and pitch your communication. We believe that the best use of a landing page is not what it is, but what it can do. Strategic use of Ad copy and images, Clear Call-to-Action and lead generation form in the most effective manner, are some of the key points of a good and effective landing page for maximum ROI.

Things you need to remember to design a perfect landing page:

  • Include Media in your landing page. Users want to see what you have to offer, and in this case visual representation goes a long way in putting forth the products and services you have to offer. Having an image on your landing page makes the page colorful and easy to understand rather than having a bland page with just plain text.
  • It is of utmost importance to note that your landing page needs to be focused at what it is built for. Introduction of the product or service with a short description or image goes a long way in making life easier for the visitor on the page. Avoid cluttering the page with endless text and useless links.
  • One of the cardinal sins when it comes to developing a landing page is overlooking the grammar and spelling. Make sure that the grammar is in place, unless you want to turn off visitors with spelling errors and horribly constructed sentences. Make sure the visitors know that the author does know what he is talking about and is grammatically sound.
  • It is very important to ensure that your visitors know and recognize where the links on your page are located, what they link to and just how do they relate to links around them. Effective links are the cornerstone of a good navigation plan and of utmost importance on your landing page which is the front door to your website.
  • Make sure that you use colors wisely on your landing page. Keep the range of colors to a minimum. Although you might think that a wide range of colors would make the page come alive, it’s quite the contrary. Sometimes that can backfire and might come off as being very unpleasing to the eye. Try to keep the color palette to about 4 colors.
  • Keep yourself abreast of the trends in the market and feedback from your users. This will help you avoid making your website look dated.