Search Engine Marketing / Pay per Click

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay per Click (PPC) as it is commonly known is a strategic and integral part of web marketing today. The SEM strategy is all about using search engines to target internet users based on their search intent. SEM / PPC also known as Adwords to many has redefined the way advertisers look at marketing spends on the Internet. Advertising on google search plays a key role in maximizing returns given the sheer use of search engines. With an effective and efficient PPC campaign your communication can be targeted to potential customers when they are looking for product or service as yours or when they are looking for your competitors. This leads to more relevant traffic to your website and thus better conversion prospects.

As a PPC campaign management agency our performance based models for adwords campaigns on Google, yahoo, bing etc separates us from the other pay-per-click agencies. Our investments in technology combined with many years of experience allow us create highly customized adwords campaigns for our clients. Our PPC solutions are developed to help you draw maximum visitor footprints with high degree of relevancy.

For an emerging or new business, PPC provides a low cost avenue for quick visibility & lead generation. For an existing established business SEM / PPC is simply a medium to increase reach and be more popular than the competitors, be more visible and grab a higher market share. We manage PPC campaigns in various search engines and provide services on a local and global level. As a responsible PPC company in India we have extensive experience thanks to our ppc outsourcing services which draw clients from all over the world. Among the various categories we have experience in, some are listed below :

  • PPC for ecommerce websites
  • PPC for Tech Support
  • Adwords campaigns for Educational Institutions
  • Adwords for college admissions
  • Search Marketing for Travel websites
  • Adwords for B2B sites
  • Adwords for Professional services

Our aim is to improve your internet marketing ROI.


We offer three types of Adwords / PPC models to choose from.

  • Account Management
  • Click based campaigns
  • Lead Generation campaigns

As part of our SEM / PPC services we carry out:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Ads Creation
  • Bid management
  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing page Optimization
  • Website Analytics implementation

Being among the best Pay per click agencies we would say search engine marketing is an excellent marketing medium and must be a part of your overall marketing mix. If you’re interested in learning how PPC can benefit your business, please contact our adwords / ppc experts.