Micro Site Design

A microsite, also known as a weblet or mini site refers to an individual web page or a collection of pages meant to function as a smaller auxiliary website to the main website. Microsites are typically developed and used to add or announce information about editorial or commercial purposes, like a launch of a new or specific product or service.The scope of a microsite is very specific and limits to showcase new products or services, creative virtual brochures, publish corporate annual reports, precursors to a start up a company’s main website, provide information on events, and build search engine popularity.A microsite can be of a temporary or permanent nature, depending on the need for which it is developed. Microsites can be a great instrument to connect with your potential customers.

Nowadays, microsites are employed in online marketing as well. These assist in providing marketing campaigns to companies and promote

themselves without wasting time. A flash based micro site website is an idyllic choice for this kind of work. If you want to strengthen your brand value in the market, locally or internationally, then the development of a microsite is best way forward. This is the most chic idea generated for a new product launch. Everybody gets the required information of your services with this marketing method.

Benefits Of A Microsite

Microsites are basically smaller websites that are developed on the basis of keywords or key phrases that help to attract a lot of traffic, if the website is well optimized. A microsite is designed to let you focus on the purpose for which it is developed for example; the launch of a new product or service or business promotion etc. Microsites are developed keeping in mind a specific and relevant client base. It is easy to create microsites that target topic-specific keywords, and write content that is appealing, while at the same time is Search Engine-friendly.

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