Navigation and Usability

Website Navigation is one of the most important elements of a successful website. Simplicity is the key when it comes to navigation. The more simple and hassle free the navigation is, the better. Having effective navigation will allow your website visitors to have an enjoyable and everlasting browsing experience. The more your visitors like your site navigation, the more likely they are to make repeated visits to your website, that in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction. The main task of an efficient website navigation system is to make sure that the visitor is not lost on your website. It is of utmost importance that the visitor knows which page he/she is on and where he/she can go to next. The navigation pane should be at the same place on every page. This ensures that the visitor isn’t confused as to where to look for directions.

Usability is the measure of quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a website, or software application or a user operated device. On the internet, usability is a necessary norm to survive. A difficult website can be very difficult and annoying to use which causes people who visit the website to leave without even getting a clear idea about the company or what the company has to offer. In today’s world with many websites cropping up, the user is spoilt for choices. So if the website is confusing and is hard to relate to, the visitors leave without even thinking twice. Hence, a website should be easy to learn, effective to use, easy to remember, and yes, quick to download as well.

Usability can benefit both the User (Website Visitor) and the Provider (Company Website).

For the visitors, the benefits are
1. Being satisfied and not frustrated with the website.
2. The joy of interacting with the website.
3. The goals for which they visit your website can be attained quickly and efficiently.
4. They will cultivate confidence and bonding with the website, which will lead to more referrals.

For the Provider, the benefits are
1. Reduces development time and costs.
2. Costs of Support systems is reduced.
3. Minimizes Errors.
4 .Reduces training time and costs.

Usability offers a good return on investment than most other business actions. Usability is a tool that can save money, improve customer loyalty and in turn improving competitive position. Usability makes the visitors and the providers happy and content.