Web Analytics

We help you understand your site metrics and turn them into actionable items that grow your business. Web Analytics helps you figure out where your visitors come from, what pages they visit, how long they stay, what they buy/action, where they drop off and how often they return. These insights lead to thoughtful decisions on how to improve your user experience and conversion rates. We’ll help you analyze the data and define next steps that get you improved conversion. We help provide actionable analysis and deliver results that bring you the knowledge and power you need to run your business on reality instead of intuition. We can tell you what your customers are doing; paths they are using, where they come from and how to help improve their online experience so they’ll take the action you want them to take. Your visitors are talking to you, listen to them. Request a proposal or consultation today to learn moreabout how analyzing your site traffic can help you better understand your customers and lead to higher revenue and improved return on your marketing investment.
We use Google Analytics to gather and analyze data for our clients. We believe that deep structured analysis and evaluation is indispensable to improve company’s e-marketing activities.

Our services include:

  • Installation (creating account and profiles, implementation and modification of tracking codes)
  • Configuration (setting goals, funnels, filters)
  • Data analysis, administration, generating reports
  • Consulting

Here’s how OUR Web Analytics puts your business on the map

  • We work with you to understand your business drivers and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • We figure out the best analytics package for you and implement customized tracking codes for your KPIs
  • We build easy to understand metrics dashboards for you to track progress
  • We provide detailed monthly reports with deep insights & recommendations on how to improve performance of your KPIs

We’ve come to appreciate that while information is power, it’s the insights into the data which are truly enlightening. We understand it is our role to make actionable business sense out of the overwhelming data generated by web analytics. Our singular focus of improving your conversions, and ultimately your bottom line, is what makes us an important strategic partner in your marketing efforts. Contact us today!