6. What is a Sitemap? Why is it needed?

A sitemap is basically a file that consists of the entire page’s URLs on your website. You can also call it the index of your website. The default format is XML. The use of a Sitemap is to let the search engine crawlers follow links to all the WebPages on your website without missing out on any pages. This makes it important that the file can be easily found on your website.

URLs of pages you do not want users to find should be removed. These URLs are cannot be crawled and thus won’t be indexed by search engine spiders.

A sitemap is easy to create. WordPress users can download sitemap plug-ins which helps to produce an XML sitemap without having to go through any process.

In case, WordPress is not being used, which most people don’t, there are many XML-Sitemaps generator tools available that are easy to use and put into practice.