5. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is quite similar to internet marketing, although it makes use of all types of media sources. Digital marketing utilizes a varied range of digital modes to advertise products and services. Digital marketing entails allocating various advertisements using different devices, like mobile devices, websites and instant messages to name a few. It is a wide concept along with being a new one and is a very inexpensive mode of marketing and advertising.

Digital marketing can be divided into two different types.Pull Digital marketing is used to get targeted customers to come to you. The content is written and showcased in a way that enables the consumers to find products and services on offer directly. The various forms of pull digital marketing are web pages and other types of web based mediums. However it should be noted that pull marketing is not as personalized as push marketing.

Push marketing is a strategy to push advertisements and other promotional material towards the target audience making use of a variety of digital mediums. Instant messages can be used through mobile phones, emails and RSS feeds too. The main benefit of push marketing is that the message can be directly sent to the targeted customer in a very personalized manner. It is traceable and easy to follow and measure the sheer effectiveness of a marketing campaign.