3. What is internet marketing or web marketing?

Internet marketing or web marketing or digital marketing is the method of marketing a company’s products and services using the internet as a standard medium. The main benefits of internet marketing over other traditional options is that it is inexpensive and has a wide reach across global markets.

The Internet has  evolved over the years and has gained momentum and acceptance as a medium which can add more value to the marketing plan for all kinds of brands. With the increase in mobile penetration and general Internet penetration the usage of the Internet has lead to a boom in online website  traffic and usage. This has added to the marketers belief that the medium works and apart from the usual successful forms of marketing like SEO, SEM, adwords, ppc, social media & banners, a lot many innovations have also been tried adding to more engagement and fun for the users.

While the success of the Internet marketing medium has been established it will take some time for everyone to adapt and as technologies improve more and more local targeting and advertising options will be available making it possible for even small shops to use note rent marketing. To get started you need to have a web page and some basic understanding of how the Internet works and a set of objectives. You need to approach an Internet marketing agency like us and provide a brief of your requirements. Based on the brief we suggest the ideal mix of search optimisation, adwords /ppc campaigns, social media and others. Sometimes just be of the above is enough to make things work in your favour. So if you are looking for website design or an adwords campaign management agency or a social media agency just contact us.

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