4. What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM as popularly known is the technique of promoting business or a website through social media channels. Social media marketing is a very important and influential marketing medium that most companies today have started to accept in a major way and has also redefined the way in which most companies communicate with their existing and potential clients. Considering the freshness of this marketing method, organizations are coming up with new and unique ways to create their marketing plans. It is a cost effective method of promotion and helps in offering businesses with an increased number of links and thus visitor traffic.

Social media marketing enables companies to get exposure that helps in the increase on business and therefore profit. It is used by companies not just to sell their products and services but also to promote content. With Social media marketing becoming one of the most preferred norms of promotion, a large number of organizations are working on setting aside budgets for online business development using the abilities of social media marketing.

The key to social media success is the right engagement strategy. Engaging audiences on the Facebook fan page to build likes and spread the word virally is critical to success on Facebook. Social ad campaigns like Facebook ads allow for micro targeting the audience by geographies, interest, gender, age etc. one interesting feature of the Facebook social campaigns is the ability to promote posts using the facebook advertising manager. This ensure easy visibility among the right target audience and thus helps build reach.

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